Monday, March 15, 2010

La Belle Patate - Review 2

Restaurant: La Belle Patate - Review 2

Cuisine: Canadian/French/Fast Food
Last visited: February 19, 2010
Area: Vancouver, BC (Downtown/West End)
1215 Davie Street
Price Range
: $10 or less

1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent 6: Tres Excellent!!

Food: 5
Service: n/a
(Met the owner, so I’m biased – but he’s really nice to everyone)

Ambiance: 4

Overall: 5

Additional comments:

  • Owner Pascal Cornier from Montreal, Quebec
  • Specializes in poutine
  • Very authentic
  • Recently opened (couple months now)
  • Original location in Victoria, BC
  • Offers 30 different kinds of poutine
  • Offers vegetarian poutine - Traditional poutine is vegetarian
  • Poutine sauce imported from Montreal
  • Fresh, made upon order
  • Fast food
  • Take out/Dine in
  • Open daily 11am-late

**Recommendation: Traditional Poutine

This is where I started my quest for Vancouver’s Best Poutine on Davie Street. Since then I have re-visited La Belle Patate on a couple occasions to try their other items. In my opinion their poutine wins the most traditional and authentic poutine.

The cheese curds are definitely what makes these poutines stand out and memorable. They're real cheese curds - that squeak becuase they're so fresh!...and they don't melt, it's the real deal. However now that I've revisited on a couple occasions, my rating goes beyond them having excellent cheese curds.

On this visit to La Belle Patate’s it was to try their other items at my own expense. I’ve tried 4 of the poutines now, but of all of them I still think the traditional poutine is best. They're all still very good, but that’s the one I still recommend. I'll still keep trying others just in case...I want to be sure.

La Belle Patate - Review 1

On the table:

Smoked Meat Poutine 3/6

  • Small $7.50 Medium $8.50 Large $9.50
  • I got the small size – which is enough for one – they’re quite heavy and filling.
  • Besides poutine, La belle Patate focuses on their authentic Montreal smoked meat as well.
  • I thought this poutine was good, but the smoked meat was a little too salty for me. The flavour was really simple, not many spices (if any) – just salty.
  • The smoked meat is almost like ham rather than a brisket and it has a charred-barbeque taste rather than a smoked taste.
  • It’s not like deli ham, but like a ham you would have on Christmas. It’s a cross between that and a brisket - but it is beef. They’re pretty lean pieces and they give you quite a bit, but I wasn’t crazy about them.
  • The gravy was the smoked meat gravy, but it still reminded me of the vegetarian poutine sauce they use on the traditional poutine. I actually couldn’t tell much of a difference.
  • The fries are made of red potatoes and they’re a thicker hand cut fry.
  • Again the best part was easily the cheese curds, however overall I still like the traditional poutine better.

Breakfast Poutine 4/6

  • Egg, bacon, onion Medium $10 Large $12
  • The smallest size you can get is a medium for this one – which is what I ordered. It’s huge!
  • I prefer the breakfast poutine at La Brasserie hands down. This one is still very good, but after the one at La Brasserie – I don’t think any breakfast poutine can beat that one. It was so delicious!
  • The egg was a scrambled egg and I wanted more of it. It was a bit dry and overcooked (front piece that looks like a wrinkled cheese curd in the photo).
  • I know a poached egg is too ‘gourmet’ for La Belle Patate, but I wanted the egg to have a runny yolk to mix in with my gravy. I would have even liked a fried egg – which isn’t ‘gourmet’.
  • I loved the onions and how they were sautéed nice and soft, and sweet. They weren’t to the point of caramelized, but almost there. I could have used more of this as well.
  • The bacon pieces were those standard bacon strips that are quite fatty. I think it's about 2 strips of crumbled bacon - it's cooked on the spot upon order but they're too salty, fatty and not crispy enough. I'm not a fan of bacon in general (yes, I can almost HEAR all the jaws drop...but bacon should always be crispy I think)
  • Overall I enjoyed this poutine, but I wanted more eggs and onions. It was also quite expensive at $10, considering La Brasserie’s gourmet breakfast poutine is only $12…and just a couple blocks down the street.

Galvaude 3/6

  • Chicken and peas Small $7.80 Medium $9.90 Large $12
  • They have a BBQ Galvaude version which has a meat based poutine sauce. The original galvaude is served with a vegetarian poutine sauce.
  • This one had lots of peas, a decent amount of sliced grilled chicken breast and cheese curds.
  • Needless to say – but the cheese curds were best as always.
  • The peas are not the frozen Green Giant peas, but they're those dark green canned mushy ones. They're not as sweet or crunchy and I prefer frozen ones. But I think it might be more authentic with the canned ones.
  • Authentically I’m pretty sure Galvaude Poutine is supposed to be served with shredded chicken and not grilled sliced chicken. I would have preferred shredded chicken for a poutine, but the grilled was still good.
  • It’s a very basic and simple recipe.

Traditional Poutine


  1. Talk about dedication! :D

    I think it's about 2 strips of crumbled bacon - it's cooked on the spot upon order but they're too salty, fatty and not crispy enough.

    I am not sure about you but, in my books, if you are going for poutine, fatty might be the least of your concerns!

    I have a poutine place to go soon but it is not located in the Davie/Downtown area. Will let you know if it is worth for you to make the comparison! ;)

  2. Lol thanks Kim!

    Fatty isn't a concern, I just don't like fatty strip bacon.

    Are you talking about the one on Commercial? hmmmm...

  3. oh my GOODNESS. need to go there. this makes the salad i had for lunch seem veeerrry sad. :)

  4. Lol awww, then yes you must check it out!! Once in a while is ok right?! And don't feel bad...I had more than 1!

  5. MTL smoked meat - definately beef. It originates from jewish delis

  6. Thanks for that! The texture just tasted like shredded Christmas ham. I will fix that in the review!