Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Top 10 List - My favourtie foods of 2009

Follow Me Foodie’s Top 10 Favourite Foods of 2009

I decided to do a special post for my favourite foods of 2009 since I’ve started my blog.

They're mostly "best food in Vancouver" items, but there are a few that are listed from places I've traveled to this year. It's not the restaurant, but the particular dish I loved at that restaurant that makes the list.

There are other amazing/best food in Vancouver I've tried this year, but I'm only featuring the foods I've done reviews for.

It’s listed in random order because they’re all freaking delicious.

1. Pumpkin Bread (Special offer)

2. Vanilla Battered Prawns

3. Biggest Blueberry Pancake

4. Bison Steak

5. Matcha Macarons

6. Tuna Garlic Pepper Sashimi

7. Pork Tenderloin w/gerwrztraminer pan jus

8. Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

9. Pan-fried Prawns with Basil

10. “Signature” – Double Chocoloate Potato Brioche

This one doesn't count because you have to make it. It definitely deserves a shout out though: Tiramisu Cupcakes.


  1. Great food blog you got going. Kind of reminds me of my own food blog and why I started the blog in the first place.

    Bon Appetit and enjoy your future food adventures!

    I Love Food Blog

  2. Thanks for posting and thanks for the support. I had no idea there was a such a huge food blogging community until after I started my own. I'm totally loving every minute of it.

    Thanks for posting!