Friday, December 25, 2009

Your Christmas gift - Special offer!

The Christmas Post


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. May you enjoy it with friends, family & of course food ;)

From: Follow Me Foodie – Mijune

Whether you are a loyal reader or a 1st time visitor, I really appreciate your visit and support for this blog.

My gift to you this Christmas is a special offer for 10% off one of my favourite breads in town:

The Pumpkin Bread from Maple Castella Bakery. This is one of my items I rated 6/6.

Special offer:

  • 10% off the Pumpkin Bread Loaf
  • Valid only at Maple Castella Bakery
  • Address: Unit 1068 - 8700 McKim Way, Richmond BC
  • Upon purchase please use promo code: Follow Me Foodie
  • Offer valid: December 25, 2009 – January 10, 2010

This special offer is exclusive to Follow Me Foodie.

Thank you!


Follow Me Foodie


  1. Oh, man, do I have to go all the way down to Richmond? I guess since you gave it such a high "rating", I will have to do it, hehehe. Thanks!

  2. Lol! Well I hope you enjoy it as much as I's not secret that I love pumpkin everything...except pumpkin pie..I know weird huh? I'll eat it, but won't order it.

    I have pumpkin pasta, pumpkin butter, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin spice bread...I love it!

    oh and you're very welcome! :)

  3. OMG that looks so good! but I'm hardly ever in Richmond lol. Closer to home Mijune! MY HOME! LOL jk I'll try to make a trip out there now that the new Canada Line is up and running. Thanks for the discount dear!

  4. lol! I'll aim for Vancouver....specifically Noodle Box ;)

  5. Woo hoo! Thanks Mijune! I'll be going to pick up a half dozen loafs to share the addiction with friends and family.

  6. Hey Mijune,

    Just tried it and it's awesome! Too bad I'm giving it away. I'm gonna drag one of my friends to go there with me to get some more. hehe

  7. EXCELLENT!!!!!

    I am SOOOOOOO pleased you guys enjoyed it as much as I do!!!! You should try the buns too..they have pumpkin buns....oh and try microwaving the pumpkin loaf before you eat it. It will smell as good as baking a cake does.

    I'll also eat it with ice cream...omg!!!

  8. Oh no, not again..., I was in town today and popped over around 1430 but it was sold out again even though there were 6 on the counter. Someone already called ahead for it..., will I ever learn? Oh well, I'll try again next month. Thanks for the offer though...,

  9. Wow! Really?! They really are THAT good though! You still haven't gotten to try it?!? I'm going to try to extend this promo because I want people to try it THAT bad! I know what that's like to go twice and have them sell my post on Thomas Haas! 3 attempts!

  10. They are probably wondering why the sudden popularity of the pumpkin bread. LOL.

    BTW, they gave me 10% discount on everything that I bought not just on the pumpkin bread. That's after I mentioned your name Mijune. They asked where I saw the promotion and I said from the Internet.

    - Jonnek

  11. Lol!! I was thinking the same thing!! I'm so glad so many people have gotten a chance to try it though! It's so great that you got the full discount too - maybe they'll keep letting people use it even though it's expired lol...that's what I love about family run casual!