Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Vancouver's BEST Poutine on Davie Street - Conclusion

This is Vancouver's Best Poutine on Davie Street Part 4 of 4.

Follow this link to watch my final thoughts on the poutines I had on Davie Street.


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The following is the written conclusion and summary of The Quest for Vancouver's BEST Poutine on Davie Street with material that may not be included in the videos.

The Topic: Quest for Vancouver's BEST Poutine on Davie Street

The Contestants: La Belle Patate, La Brasserie, Fritz European Fry House

4 Poutines later, the results are in!

In terms of authentic French-Canadian poutine, I’d have to give 1st place to La Belle Patate. It’s pretty much the real deal in terms of authentic poutine. However this doesn’t necessarily mean it was the best tasting…for that ___________ takes the win! You'll see that blank filled in next week...in a bonus episode ;)

Overall the cheese curds at La Belle Patate stole the show, yet La Brasserie had the best gravy. As for the poutine at Fritz European Fry House, it was always a solid choice until I took on this challenge...I know…what a “challenge” I had right? Well to be fair, you try eating so much poutine and going to work afterward…that was a challenge! (I could have easily taken a nap…and I don’t know if I would ever wake up…)

The following is a quick recap/summary of the 3 poutines:

Poutine 1 - La Belle Patate:

This is not representable of what is actually ordered. I'm so embarrassed...I forgot to take my picture before I started eating it. I didn't follow usually routine because this was for the video blog.

La Belle Patate Traditional Poutine 6/6

  • Small $5.50 Medium $7.50 Large $9.50
  • Red Potatoes, hand cut, skins on, freshly fried
  • The “gravy” or as they call it the “poutine sauce” is actually completely vegetarian. (A wheat based sauce)
  • They do offer meat “gravy” or meat “poutine sauce” and it’s under the name of “BBQ”
  • Best cheese curds - fresh, firm, squeaky, don't melt
  • Authentic Montreal poutine
  • Foil to-go containers

Poutine 2 - La Brasserie:

Truffle Poutine 5/6

  • Fries, cheese curds, pork gravy, truffle oil $9
  • Kennebec potatoes, hand cut, skins on
  • Gourmet poutine
  • Best pork gravy with lots of truffle oil, a bit of a kick and freshly cracked black pepper
  • The cheese curds were part mozzarella cheese rather than an actual cheese curd.
  • It’s savoury, very aromatic with the truffle oil
  • Comfort food with a gourmet twist.

Poutine 3 - Fritz European Fry House:

Poutine 4/6

  • Small: $4.50 Medium: $5 Large: $6.50 Jumbo: $7.50
  • Russet Potatoes, hand cut, skins on, freshly fried
  • Firm and a bit crispier than the other two.
  • Layer their poutine - fries, cheese curds, gravy and repeat.
  • Good ratio of ingredients.
  • European Fry House - focus on dips
  • Gravy enhanced with black pepper and some dried herbs.
  • Mozzarella cheese curd - stringiest of all 3 places.
  • The most ooey gooey, saucy and cheesy poutine.
  • Muchies/Hangover food
  • Styrofoam to-go container

Added note: This review is a little different because it was for my video blog. Therefore the food at La Belle Patate, La Brasserie, and Fritz European Fry House was complimentary, (although I did offer to pay) but my opinions are still honest and as non-biased as I can be. The opinions and views expressed in "The Quest for Vancouver's Best Poutine on Davie Street" review and video are those of Follow Me Foodie/Mijune only. There is no paid advertising and as always I write for the benefit of the customers and not for the restaurants.


  1. Had time to catchup on your blog..., the addition of the videos enhances your blog and brings it to another level. I think the vblog series will do well.

    Poutine is so bad for you but it's one of those food you should try at least once. I can't compare the poutine out East vs YVR; I think your readers appreciate the extra effort.

  2. HI!! Welcome back!

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate the positive feedback. REALLY happy to hear you liked the vlogs!

    So true abotu poutine being bad...and I had 4 that day...I didn't feel too great afterward. =p

  3. You should try the lobster poutine at Coast. It's pretty good.

  4. Thanks for the tip! I've heard about it, but haven't tried it yet. It's on my list now!

  5. Hi MiJune!

    Wow, this is an amazing segment on finding the best poutine in Vancouver! Did you do all of these reviews in one day?

    I really need to try some of these poutine places.

    Don't forget to include poutine from...Costco! ;)

    BTW, nice videos, the editing is pretty good. Love the shots of setting up your entering into restaurants and the camera focused on you while driving.


  6. Hi Gary!

    Thanks so much!! Yes, I did all the poutine reviews in one day...it was a lot of poutine!!

    I actually havent' tried the poutine from Costco...but right now i'm thinking it's really big and cheap lol

    Thanks for commenting and thanks for the positive feedback!

  7. Holy cow all in one day! That is impressive, I'm surprised you didn't fall over! ;)

    Costco's poutine is okay, but it is big and cheap hehe

    BTW, is there a way to comment on your blog without requiring the accounts in the drop down menu? Just wondering since some people without those logins won't be able to comment. :)

  8. Lol I almost fell over!

    I just moderated the comments so I think that should work...I've having issues with blogger...but I hope it works now. Thanks for taking the time to comment!