Monday, February 15, 2010

Bakery Nouveau – Review 2

Restaurant: Bakery Nouveau – Review 2

Cuisine: Bakery/Desserts
Last visited: January 31, 2010
Area: Seattle, WA (West Seattle)
4737 California Ave SW
Price Range: $10-20

1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent 6: Tres Excellent!!

Food: 6
Service: n/a (I wasn’t actually there)

Ambiance: n/a

Overall: n/a

Additional comments:

  • Pastry chef William Leaman
  • Pastries baked several times daily
  • Famous bakery in Seattle
  • Gourmet bakery
  • Traditional desserts with a gourmet/West Coast twist
  • Breads/Desserts/Pastries/Chocolates/Jam/Lunch
  • Award winning desserts
  • Natural ingredients
  • Seasonal ingredients
  • Gift baskets available
  • Daily/Weekly/Holiday specials
  • Dine in/Take-out
  • Mon-Thurs 6am-7pm
  • Fri 6am-9pm
  • Sat 7am-9pm
  • Sun 7am-7pm

**Recommendation: Blueberry Pistachio Cake, Double Baked Almond Croissant

I am so lucky to have friends that love me! To get desserts from Bakery Nouveau twice in one month is seriously something to brag about! My friends went down to Seattle and recalled my post about Bakery Nouveau and with my “must go there” push they decided to stop there for lunch. They were happy, I was happy and I still am happy.

My 1st review for Bakery Nouveau.

On the table:

Pumpkin Bread 4.5/6

  • Super moist like a moist banana bread would be. It’s more like a cake than it is bread.
  • Very buttery and a bit oily so you can see it on your hands. But it’s good!
  • Very strong cinnamon taste, lots of canned pumpkin. I think there is lots of clove in there and maybe a little nutmeg too. It almost seems like all canned pumpkin in taste and texture because it’s so moist.
  • It marbled with a brown sugar walnut crumb streusel. It’s almost paste like.
  • It’s quite sweet, and even a bit salty. They definitely added that pinch of salt to bring out the flavours, but I could actually taste it a bit more than I wanted to.

Snowball Cake 5/6

  • I don’t have the exact description but it had a custard bottom, cake layer, milk chocolate caramel Rum like layer, another custard layer, another cake layer and it was all covered with freshly dried coconut shavings. Probably around $5.50USD. It's quite expensive here.
  • I love the coconut shavings! This cake was very custardy with a Rum taste. I think they use a very potent Vanilla Rum extract so it almost taste like there’s actually Rum in it.
  • It’s creamy and very sweet, but good!
  • It’s like a coconut vanilla custard trifle in taste and in texture it was like a tiramisu (without the cheese taste). It had egg nog like flavours, especially in the cust ard and there are real vanilla bean seeds in it.

  • You can hear the moistness when you cut through it with your fork…sounds gross, but it’s really good. The cake layer is quite wet and soaked/
  • The whole cake is spread with vanilla custard or a cream that’s a bit thinner than pastry cream before it’s covered with coconut.
  • The chocolate layer is a bit too sweet. I think it’s a very low % of cocoa powder and it tastes like melted milk chocolate spread.
  • It’s a bit too sweet and I wouldn’t want a whole piece. I needed to eat it with a glass of milk. It was still excellent though.

Twice Baked Almond Croissant 6/6

  • My friend meant to order the Twice Baked Chocolate Croissant but by mistake called out Twice Baked Almond Croissant – which I tried last time.
  • I actually started writing about it and how disappointed I was that there was no chocolate…until I realized…lol
  • No changes, still delicious. Except I didn't like how oddly shaped it was, the one I had last time was better looking.


  1. We love you... ;)

    (BTW, no blackberry/blueberry pistachio?)

  2. hahah yay!!

    No I didn't get to try the blackberry pistachio..the girl's ate that one on site lol

    That's ok I have a feeling blueberry was better.

  3. Love bakery Nouveau! Everytime my cousin drives up from Seattle I tell him to bring me goodies from here. The blackberry pistachio is indeed yummy!

  4. Aw you're so lucky you have cousins there! I'm jealous! I actually crave their desserts...maybe partly because it's so inaccessible. What else can you recommend me?

  5. Maybe next time he comes up I'll have to let you know so you can put an order in!lol That's what I always do now. If you like bread, theirs is amazing. My favorite so far is the Oat and Dates loaf, and Olive bread.

    My husband is crazy for their quiches.

    Let me know what you think:)

  6. Omg yes!!! I'll totally place an order!!! Please let me know! I may have more then one order :D

    Oat and Date loaf sounds divine!!