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Frappe Bliss

Matcha Delight

Matcha Delight - on a different day, made my someone not as skilled...

Restaurant: Frappe Bliss
Cuisine: Desserts/Ice Cream/Asian
Last visited: September 4, 09
Area: Richmond, BC
Food Court, Aberdeen Centre - 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, BC
Price Range: $10 or less

1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very Good 5: Excellent 6: Tres Excellent!!

Food: 6

Additional comments:
  • Similar to the Asian dessert "shaved ice" but way better
  • I prefer it to Beard Papa's Cream Puffs located right across
  • Creative and delicious ice cream dessert
  • Really light tasting ice "cream"(actually milk) - airy, fluffy
  • Relatively healthy
  • Originates from Taiwan
  • Variety of fresh fruit/canned fruit/Asian toppings
  • Can create your own or order a Frappe Bliss special creation
  • Also on the menu - sweet and savoury crepes
  • Presentation depends on who makes it

**Recommendation: Matcha Delight, Thai Sensation - I like to get one that comes with a scoop of ice cream on top because the combo of shaved ice milk and actual ice cream is really good!

This is one of my favourite dessert places. I crave this place every time I'm in Aberdeen Mall. I'll actually go to the mall just for this - well, there's not much there anyway except for the food court...anyways my point is simply - this is really really good. It's such a unique dessert! It's a similar concept to the popular shaved ice, but it tastes soooo much better!

First off, it's not shaved ice, instead they use ice milk. They take a block of frozen and flavoured ice milk and they shave it with this ice machine. You get this mound of shaved ice milk in a big bowl and you top it with things such as fresh fruit, red beans, mochi, condensed milk, taro, grass jelly, Oreos etc. The ice milk itself is really light tasting - it's still sweet, but not as sweet ice cream, but it tastes like ice cream! It tastes just like shavings of ice cream - light, soft and feathery - I don't know how they do it, but it doesn't melt either.

I really really love this place, you can eat a whole bowl full of ice milk and you feel like you ate nothing because it's so airy and light - yet it's still satisfying to your stomach and sweet tooth. I would bring people here just to try this - so's just waiting to be discovered and franchised. You can order one of the Frappe Bliss creations and chose your own choice of ice milk - or customize your own completely.

On the table:

  • **Matcha Delight 6/6
    • Matcha ice cream, mochi and red beans. Then they drizzle condensed milk over the whole thing $5
    • This one is one of my favourites and I don't even like red bean. You can tell them to ease up on it, or not to put it on if you want. It's not particularly bad red bean so I don't mind a little. It gives it some texture and a hint of sweetness. Makes it more unique.
    • I love the mochi they use in this. I think they're Taiwanese style mochis - not really Japanese ones. They're better than the mochi they use at frozen yogurt places. The ones at Frappe Bliss are perfectly round ones, soft and chewy ones, not dry ones...they're obviously bought and not homemade, but they're still good. They're great for this dessert because they slightly freeze, but still remain chewy and not hard. Almost like eating pearls in a bub ble tea. I love the texture of the ice cream and shaved ice too, the combination of eating them together is divine!
    • I like to order this one with their regular ice milk. Don't want too many flavours going on. It's about $5 and I think it's totally worth it!
    • I ordered this one on a different day - Nov. 29, 09
    • I got the Matcha delight with matcha frappe. It was very match-y. I still prefer the regular ice milk for the base.
  • **Thai Sensation 5/6
    • Condensed milk, mango, black gluntinous rice $4.26
    • I ordered this one with the mango flavoured ice milk - that seemed like an obvious choice. I like this one it's different and they use fresh mangoes. I would like it with some coocnut milk too to make it extra Thai...but they don't offer any.
  • Chocolate Earthquake 5/6
    • Oreo, chocolate sauce $3.80
    • 6/6 if you order this with banana or peanut ice milk. YUM! It's topped with chocolate sauce, Oreo cookie crumbs, peanut crumbs, and brownie bits (more like crumbs). This one is quite crumbly, the Oreo cookies are the only thing that you really need to bite. It's like eating a banana split if you get it with banana ice milk.
    • The peanut ice milk is amazing. I think it's the best one hands down for me. It's made with real peanut butter and fresh milk. The re's finely ground peanuts in it too. A strong, smooth, and sweet peanut taste - really flavourful, you can taste the quality of peanut butter they use - it's really good. The whole thing tastes like a really wicked Reese's Pieces - but better.
    • This isn't as big as the other ones and has no ice cream or gourmet toppings so it's only $3.80.
  • Strawberry Romance 3/6
    • Strawberry, condesnsed milk and strawberry ice cream $4.52
    • Again I'm not a big fan of strawberry flavoured dessert like this, so it was just ok for me. This isn't an adventurous one either, more for kids I think. Strawberry ice milk, with strawberries on top, and strawberry syrup and condensed milk. No surprise here, tastes like what it sounds.
  • A Dream in Eden 5/6
    • Strawberry, kiwi, mango and mango ice cream $5.95
    • This one is another regular one - not really exotic in any of the toppings. Just a combination of fresh fruit on top of shaved ice milk. We got it with mango ice milk. I would get creative with the ice milk for this one - try it with peanut or matcha. You get a big scoop of mango ice cream on top and it's all drizzled with condensed milk.
    • The strawberry and kiwi taste a little frozen and they're a bit stingy on the fruit.
    • I suggest getting creative with the ice mil k for this one, if they have the Matcha ice available that day - get this. Or try it with the peanut one - you can't go wrong with the peanut one!

  • Formosa Treasures 1.5/6
    • Fresh taro, black glutinous rice, red beans & mochi. I think they drizzle condensed milk on it too. $5
    • We ordered this one with the regular ice milk frappe. This is from Nov. 28, 2009 as well.
    • It was ok, but that's because I'm not a fan of red bean or fresh taro that's sweet. I like powdered taro bubble teas and savoury taro foods, but I'm not a fan of real taro bubble teas. The toppings were just too starchy and quite sweet. I think the combo of red bean and taro was just too sweet in general. The black gluntinous rice was ok, kind of chewy and sweet. Even though everything was real, it tasted a bit fake and pasty tasting. Probably wouldn't get this one again. The frappe and mochi part is always good though.

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